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  • The CHEW Compassion Fund will consider funding requests for domestic companion animals, specifically dogs and cats. We will not cover animals owned by breeders, or animals used for research or commercial purposes of any kind. If applicants are discovered to be using animals for illegal fighting purposes, law enforcement agencies will be contacted.

  • I understand the money provided by The CHEW Compassion Fund can only be used at CHEW Animal Clinic  

  •  The CHEW Compassion Fund is not responsible for any bills already paid, due or procedures already in progress. 

  • The CHEW Compassion Fund is only available to owned pets. Animals covered by The CHEW Compassion Fund cannot be in a foster care program, they must be privately owned by the person filling out this application. You must have owned the pet for at least 3 months and must intend to keep the pet. Animals which are currently being fostered are not eligible, nor are animals which will eventually be rehomed.

  • When we receive your complete application, we will contact you regarding approval or denial. If funding is denied, we will not provide the reason for the denial of funding, nor will we reconsider our decision. Most denials of funding will be based on lack of funding, but no matter what the reason for denial, the CHEW Compassion Fund is not responsible for explaining why the application was denied.

  • I declare I have exhausted all alternative options available to me for financial assistance and I agree to reimburse the CHEW Compassion Fund for any funds received upon a change in my financial circumstances. 

  • I understand that The CHEW Compassion Fund is not responsible for the result of any veterinary services provided and hereby waive any and all claims for liability.

  • I authorize The CHEW Compassion Fund and CHEW Animal Clinic to use my and/or my pet’s photograph(s) and any information about the medical case to raise awareness about both The CHEW Compassion Fund and CHEW Animal Clinic.

  • The CHEW Compassion Fund does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, or disability. 

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