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At CHEW, we deeply believe every animal, from every background, with any medical need should have an equal chance at a happy and healthy life. CHEW was founded on this principle, and we continue to promote fair and excellent pet care through the CHEW Compassion Fund.  

Every dollar donated to the Compassion Fund goes directly to a pet in dire need of help. Due to the low-cost yet high quality, dynamic medical care that we offer, the majority of our patients are chronically ill or critically injured and in desperate need of immediate care. Even a small donation can make a big difference for a family and their pet in need.  

CHEW's overhead is no different than any other small animal clinic. Our rent, staffing, utilities, medications, supplies, averages $315 an hour. Due to our low prices and high overhead, we are unable to donate towards these cases that require additional financial help. We rely on caring donors, such as yourself, to help those in immediate need of life-saving care, surgical intervention, and chronic on-going medical care. 

Thank you for your donation! 

By donating monthly, you will give a family peace of mind knowing their pet will receive the care they need to live a healthy & happy life!

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