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About Us

Welcome to CHEW Animal Clinic!  CHEW offers comprehensive medical, surgical, and critical care services at an affordable price for qualified families. 

CHEW Animal Clinic was founded to help save animals within the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Our efforts are focused on high quality, yet affordable veterinarian care for local shelters, animal rescues groups and qualified families.

CHEW provides programs to help pets stay with their families, in hopes to prevent these pets from entering into crowded shelters


Our mission is to help the community, local shelters, and rescue organizations save one furry friend at a time. ​Our compassionate love for animals has devoted our hearts in helping those in need. Our team of professionals are here to serve you and your beloved pets to give them the care they deserve. By providing education within the community and spreading awareness of the overpopulation of dogs and cats, and we hope to play a big part in ending the senseless euthanasia. 


Every pet deserves quality animal care which can be a burden financially. Everyone at CHEW has the COMPASSION to help. Quality veterinarian care, food, grooming, training and other resources for families who are in need. We understand veterinarian care can be costly and no family should have to endure financial burdens for their beloved pet. We sympathize with you, we are here to help.

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Countless shelters are over crowded and do not have the resources for the animals in their care. Over crowding has caused a staggering increase of senseless euthanasia each year. On average, 1.5 million animals are euthanized per year throughout the United States. Our HOPE is to be the voice for these animals and give them a chance to a life they deserve. By providing Veterinary care to those who cannot afford private care prices, we are not only able to give families a chance at affordable care, but great quality and service.


EDUCATION is key! 

CHEW strives to educate owners about the importance of sterilizing their companion animals and vaccinating them against deadly diseases. 

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WELLNESS "the quality or state of being healthy"

We believe WELLNESS visits provides an excellent insight on an animal's overall health. We don't want money to get in the way of providing your companion animal with the care they deserve and need. In addition to providing wellness care, CHEW offers vaccinations, dental, diagnostics and treatment, spay/neuter and a variety of soft tissue surgeries. 

Allow us to be your trusted partner with your pets. 

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